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Sunday Selection

Screw Up – Subscape [gold star]

Surrender – Jogo

Neon Fantasy (Elliot Mars remix) – Cobalt Infusion

Itch – Kutz

Hangin’ – Genetix [Rip]

Spaceman – Vaski [Rip]

Can’t Get Enough – Camo & Krooked [D&B]

We Go Deep – Trolley Snatcha [served chilled]



J. Rabbit is a young dubstep and D&B producer out of the Bronx, USA with an ear for detail and audio terror.  He’s a vegan, but his sound suggests he would eat you for breakfast.  Look out for his upcoming releases on Hot Pink Delorean, Play Me, and Digital Terror Records.  And pick up his new EP, The Sex Crimes on beatport if you are feeling it.

Sex Crimes – J. Rabbit

Disco Stick – J. Rabbit

Thug Life – J. Rabbit

Ice Cream (J. Rabbit remix) – Borgore

Wolfey & alh


Enter Pegasus – Butterfly Crash

Calling Your Name – Muffler

Summer of Love (Shishio VIP) – Sunloverz

Follow (Roksonix Remix) – Crystal Fighters

Satellite Mind (Kidnap & Ransom Remix) – Metric

Area 51 – Disonata

New beginnings – KOAN Sound

And revel in Flux Pavilion’s upcoming track here. The chilling tune will be released the day after Halloween.

– alh

BORGORE | MTV UK interview

Check out this interview released on MTV UK today with the Israeli dubstep heavyweight Asaf Borger.



Meet Bong, a sixteen-year old producer out of Bucharest, Romania.  This is proper gritty dubstep.  Needs no further elaboration.

Heavy Charge – Bong

Mechanical Jaw – Bong

Toxic Biohazard – Bong


Digital Farm Animals

Digital Farm Animals first caught my ear with its soothing ambient pads and bittersweet melodies in their chilled-out track “Home”.  They’re working out of South East London.  For now they’re unsigned, but I would speculate that won’t be the case for long.  Put these songs on at the end of the night to wash over that shrill ringing sound in your years left over from too many songs dancing in front of the speaker.

Will I See You – Digital Farm Animals

Positive-Vibez – Digital Farm Animals

I Wanna Go Home (Master) – Digital Farm Animals

Monday Selection

Fly Eyes (Trolley Snatcha remix) – Distinction

Kiss (Zeds Dead remix) – Jeuce

Money (Mister Six remix) – Borgore

Press Go (Short Circuit Remix) – Downlink & Ale Fillman

F Double U – Cookie Monsta

Halloween – Chrispy

Whistle Tips – Point.Blank ft. Helicopter Showdown

Dead By Dawn (N-Type Remix) – Lemonade

Checkmate – Schoolboy

Commandments (16bit remix) – Ghetto

Our Quest – Majistrate

Up in the Club – Terravita (very danceable)

Lockdown – Terravita