Coachella 2011 Bill Announcement

There’s no place like Coachella…  there’s no place like Coachella… there’s no place like Coachella.  The 2011 bill (April 15-17) was released today-

And although when I first saw it, I was momentarily dismayed that ‘Daft Punk’ wasn’t staring back at me in large black font at the top of the poster.  Rumours had been flying around the last week or so that they had been asked to take one of the headline spots for the festival.  However, as my eyes scanned down the list of artists on the bill, I could feel excitement welling up in the pit of my guts and I quickly forgot about my initial disappointment.

The list of dubstep artists is impressive all by itself.  (Not to mention the rest of the bill of incredible artists; make sure to check out the entire line-up here):


Mount Kimbie



Nosaj Thing

Goth Trad




Joy Orbison



Zed Bias

Magnetic Man

We hope to have someone from Low-Life out there in April to join the party.  I know I hope to make it down.



Sunday Selection | Virtual Boy

Thank Bass for Virtual Boy. Here is an excerpt from Virtual Boy’s Symphony No. None, which drops February 1st on 1320 Records.

Mass – Virtual Boy


In My Memory – Virtual Boy

and a few additional sounds to colour your Sunday afternoon.

Shot Yourself In The Foot Again – Skream & Example

Bad Wings – The Glitch Mob

Mosambique – Swede:art

Behind the Disguise (Closing) – Wax Tailor ft. Marina Quaisse


Saturday Selection

Montreal is covered in a blanket of snow and fog tonight.  Lounging at my desk staring out at Mont Royal and vibing to some excellent sounds.  Where are you?

Circling – Four Tet

Deception – Jaydan [d&b]

Lights On (Skream Remix) – Katy B. ft. Ms Dynamite

Here We Go (Lazy Ants Remix) – Autodidakt ft. Super Super [recommended]

And a couple classics from the stacks, in case you’re not already familiar.

Massage Situation – Flying Lotus [recommended]

Back to Chill – Goth Trad [served chilled]


Wednesday Selection | Swede:art, Slugabed, Demokracy and more…

Ajapai does it again… and again.

Brain – Ajapai

… and while you recover from that barrage, enjoy this new tune by Caspa & Rusko. Once again this classic duo produces a signature sound that can be pinpointed from a block away.

Bread Get Bun – Caspa & Rusko

Now, we have Swede:art. Hailing from Germany, Swede:art sounds like a collaboration between JDilla or RJD2, and the Gaslamp Killa or Shlohmo. As you can see this sound is something unique, something unexplainable, something fantastically dynamic. With funky vibin bass-lines sometimes dressed with soulful hiphop vocals, sometimes a work of art in themselves, Swede:art’s album Emotional Colors is not one to miss.

Linguistic (Feat. Stray) – Swede:art

Sex On The Airplane – Swede:art

Wonkybikez – Swede:art

On a similar note, we have Slugabed. A glitchy, yet wonderfully pattern oriented sound that still appeals to the connoisseur of bass. Get the whole Ultra Heat Treated EP off Juno.

Skyfire – Slugabed

Ultra Heat Treated – Slugabed

OK. Take a deep breath. We are getting into the gritty stuff now. Not that Ajapai didn’t satisfy that requisite right off the bat.

Here we have Demokracy,

Shapeshifter – Demokracy

Starhaven – Demokracy

Searchlight – Demokracy

Some more brutal glitch for your brain… his new EP drops in February, here’s a fat preview of Double Star EP.

…and now for your daily dose.

No Names VIP – Nasty Nasty

Spaceman – Vaski

Nocturnal VIP – Bare Noize

Full Moon – Implex & Enei…[d&b]

Steady As She Goes VIP – Mensah & Eddie K

Fists of Ham – Hackman


MiMOSA | Silver Lining

MiMOSA is a multi-faceted producer who blends elements of dubstep, and breaks, trip-hop to create intricate, hypnotizing, atmospheric beats.  Based out of Los Angeles and Oakland, California, MiMOSA offers polished, understated, yet unfailingly dynamic, and unpredictable chilled grooves.  If you like Ramadanman, Flying Lotus, Martyn, or Kromestar, I think you would dig MiMOSA.  MiMOSA’s latest release is Silver Lining (2010) on Muti Music.  It is available for purchase here.

Pushing Little Daisies – MiMOSA

Detour – MiMOSA


(P.S. Thanks go out to Dan G. for introducing me to MiMOSA)

Forest Swords | Dagger Paths

“I’m really interested in music that kind of echoes the environment it was created in.”

Matthew Barnes’ solo project, Forest Swords, doesn’t exactly adhere to a stylistic niche. Produced along the coastlines of the Wirral peninsula in northwest England, his full-length album Dagger Paths seems to carry the organic tone of the sparsely industrialized landscape. Barnes’ electronic soundscapes, intertwined with eerily vacant guitar melodies and evocative drums suggest that these songs were crafted meticulously simply to pay tribute to the unrefined atmosphere in which it was written.

Originally released on cassette, the six-track E.P. is now available from Olde English Spelling Bee. Purchase away here, rest your weary mind and enjoy. It resembles something like a psychedelic experience.

Rattling Cage – Forest Swords

Hoylake Mist – Forest Swords

Miarches – Forest Swords